FAN Xiaomei



Southwest University

Bachelor of Law

China University of Political Science and Law

Master of International Law

Hamburg University

Master of EU Law

Nagoya University

Doctor of Comparative Law


Ms. FAN Xiaomei has had a combined practice and academic research in law with high education. She is specialized in the private international law cases and foreign investment and finance. Since the start of the career, she has provided legal services to many enterprises concerning their business and administration and represented the clients to attend the commercial negotiations. She is listed in the Backup Leading Attorney in the Field of International Legal Practice in Chengdu in 2016.

Specialized Areas

International trade; private international law disputes, investment and finance, and company compliance.


028-6199 7390

7-1-401 Shengda International, Shuxi Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

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