HU Mengning



Graduated from the China University of Political Science and Law majored in Economical Law


Mr. HUMengning, the founding Partner of Chengjinhe, is one of the earliest certificated lawyers in China, has had 29 years of practice in law since 1989, especially in providing legal service to the state owned companies, government departments, investment companies. Mr. HU Mengning had been the Advocate General for the central governed enterprises, local governmentsupervised enterprises concerning issues about investment and financing, real estate construction and development, assessment of construction project, representing in litigation of investment disputes and construction and engineering disputes. He also participated in dispute settlement as Chief Arbitrator of Chengdu Arbitration Commission, represented the client companies in project negotiation and attended the legislative consultation conference for the government.

Mr. HU Mengning was/is the Legal Counsel of

1. The Sino-Hydro Bureau 10 Co., Ltd. (Legal Counsel and Director of the Department of Law);

2. China Southwest Geotechnical Investigation and Design Institute Co., Ltd.;

3. Chengdu Industries Investment Group;

4. Chengdu Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd.;

5. Goldpac Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong);

6. Suining Project, Xinjin Project and Jiajiang Project of the 8thBureau of China;

7. Sichuan Jiyang Real Estate Co., Ltd.;

8. Chengdu Jinhuitianhe Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.;

9. Chengdu Muquan Hotel;

10. Chengdu Jiafu Investment Co., Ltd.;

11. Sichuan Houpu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.;

12. Menglong Safeguards Company.


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